The below circuit can be used to demonstrate. It might just work for your app, although Pd will still be 2W or so. That all sounds perfect, but I need a solution sometime tonight, which is why this is so urgent. MarkT on Sep 25, , Your name or email address:

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Image created in Fritzing Here is the equivalent circuit diagram: While it might look that the H-bridge IC is the much better solution, there are some limitations. I get “a few” of my components from jaycar unless it’s a case of “I need a 63 ohm resistor and a 3. Works brilliantly for automotive projects such as switching high-power 12V lights and high wattage LEDs.

As there is literally ZERO voltage being applied to the Gate in this case, how the hell is the latch activating!?! In fact, the BUZ71 is a very marginal device, but the original IRF will probably work for your app if you wire it up properly, even though not a logic-level device.

One of my favourites is http: On the rPI side, put say a resistor to limit current though the opto’s diode – ohm should give you approx 5mA on common optos. I’ve got about 6 hours worth of code to write before my presentation tomorrow at midday, and I’m stuck stuffing around with this stupid MOSFET gaaaahhhhhh!


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N-MOSFET Driver & Output Module for Arduino | Jaycar Electronics

Formal verification of safety-critical software, software development, and electronic design and prototyping. Bipolar transistors are also more sensitive to voltage spikes which can occur when a motor is turned off moefet, so require a ‘snubber’ diode to shunt the spike away from the transistor.

This H-Bridge IC can handle up to 36V supply voltage and up to 7V logic voltage, and has separate inputs for forward, reverse and enable. Contact the Techstore should you require more details.

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N-MOSFET Driver & Output Module for Arduino

What makes a reversible controller difficult is the need to combine a high-side driver and a low-side driver to be able to reverse the current. They are very useful as analogue switches as jacyar as the traditional uses for Mosfets eg, relay driving, LED driving, etc. But did anyone tell your mosfet smoking’s bad for them? MetalPhreakJul 9, You weren’t trying to use an N-channel mosfet for high side switching were you?

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Also I agree with the other poster, turn on at 3. Be the first misfet know about our newest products, specials and promotions: Mar 6, Messages: N channel for low side switching, P channel for high side switching, unless you are driving the gate with a higher voltage than the supply running through it. Please jaaycar us if you need to check whether Next Day delivery omsfet to your area Next working day Selected Metro Areas orders placed before ,osfet Most H-Bridge IC’s have circuitry to make sure this never happens, and also have inputs that can handle 5V signals from an Arduino while running off a higher supply voltage like 12V.

Forget Jaycar, I’ve had a quick look at their range and none of their power mosfets appears to be logic level. Most require 10V to turn on fully and logic level ones are around that usually require 5v. Jun 27, Messages: For some reason I had to swap the Drain line from the strike latch negative terminal to the 12V supply negative wire.

The gate voltage to “turn on” a mosfet is Vgs gate to source.